Thursday, July 1, 2010

Boycotting BP?

I've just taken notice of all these various nationwide campaigns that have been launched encouraging a boycott of BP, theoretically designed to punish them for the ongoing ecological disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

I understand the desire to express outrage over the mess, but I think the underlying premise here is a faulty one. When people launch boycotts of Glenn Beck, they are hoping to force him out of business. Is that the goal here? Suppose, against all odds, that this boycott is tremendously effective and all Americans stop purchasing fuel from BP. This would cause BP to declare bankruptcy, and if that happens, who is gonna pay for the cleanup?

Perhaps I'm missing a key point behind the logic of these calls for a boycott, but it seems that the American people should be hoping for the continued financial success of least until the people impacted by this spill are back on their feet.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

"Reasonable" Tea Partiers Advocate Hanging Senator Murray

FOX News Upset More Education Makes You More Liberal

FOX News asks the important questions: "Is it better to not go to college at all than to get this kind of education?"

If less people would go to school or if we had more conservative professors, we might be able to generate some of that anti-gay sentiment that Tucker Carlson seems to be craving.

Rachel Maddow and Dick Cheney Had a Good Day

Smith College announced today that their commencement speaker will be MSNBC and Air America's Rachel Maddow and the reaction of the students is out of this world...

Another excited reception today was the one Dick Cheney's surprise visit to CPAC warranted...They do know this guy supports gay marriage and advocated decreased military spending, yes? Doesn't that make him one of those much-maligned RINOs? Or is simply being unpopular enough to make you a Republican now?